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Networking gives you support and business benefits

Networking helps with many challenges you may encounter with your business or cooperation. Humanpolis works on supporting all cooperation networks in Muhos, Vaala and Utajärvi. 

Companies bring their core competencies into the network and get others’ know-how and services in return. Networks bring their members resilience, speed and business advantages.

We work on all crucial networking themes, such as interaction, cooperation that benefits all parties, and learning. Networking is always based on trust.

The networking community in the River Oulujoki Valley region consists of local business organisations, lower and upper secondary schools, vocational schools, University of Oulu, The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre), Business Finland/Oulu, and pension insurance companies.

Rokua Geopark entrepreneurs and joint tourism marketing

Rokua Geopark was founded to advance the business activities, recognisability and education in the River Oulujoki Valley, Rokua and Oulujärvi regions. The Geopark has a unified look and feel that is used in trade fairs, web pages and brochures. The pivotal element in the visual expression is the Rokua Geopark logo. Companies operating in the area can apply for the right to use the logo and use it in the marketing of their products and services.

Apply for the right to use the Rokua Geopark logo

Geofood – a sign of local food in the Geopark areas

Rokua Geopark companies that sell or produce food can apply for the right to use the international Geofood label, which indicates that the food has primarily been grown and produced in a unique UNESCO Global Geopark area.

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