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Time Travel exhibition in Koivu and Tähti Cultural Centre

The permanent Time Travel exhibition at the Muhos Koivu and Tähti Cultural Center tells the story of the birth of the landscape in the Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark area, from the first stages of bedrock development to the latest ice age, the formation of eskers and the post-glacial spread of human settlements and biota. The exhibition begins in the lobby of the cultural center with stories from the River Oulujoki Valley. On the reading room side of the library, we first delve into the birth of the River Oulujoki and the geology of the river valley, through which we go into the history of human settlement. The actual main structure is formed by a cylindrical timeline, in which the moments of birth of key landscape features are told. Inside the cylinder, you enter the present-day landscape along the Lemmenpolku nature trail by River Oulujoki. Inside the cylinder, you can also experience past landscapes with virtual glasses (VR glasses will be introduced when the epidemic situation allows). The exhibition ends with a touch screen, through which you can learn more about the places to visit and tourist services in the Rokua Geopark area. In the link you will find the opening hours of the cultural center.

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Kankari Art Villa

Kankari Art Villa is a charming art gallery and studio in a former village school. It can be found in the beautiful natural setting of the village of Kankari, near Lake Oulujärvi. Kankari Art Villa hosts exhibitions by artists and also runs painting and lithography courses.

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