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Kinnusen Mylly Oy

Kinnusen Mylly provides milled products from pure grain grown in the north of northern Finland.

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Puutarha Ryytiranta

Ryytiranta produces green powders, herb salts, herb syrups and resin spreads, and offers training courses in the natural produce sector. The products are made from wild herbs gathered from the surrounding countryside and harvested from the garden’s own fields. No artificial fertilisers or plant protection products are used.

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Sienestä Oy

Sienestä Oy buys, processes and sells Finnish forest mushrooms, berries and other natural produce. The range of mushrooms includes false morels, ceps, velvet bolete, milk-caps and funnel chanterelles.

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Vaalan Juustola

Curd cheese – described as “squeaky cheese” – is one of the most prized products in Finland’s culinary history. Vaalan Juustola has been making this delicacy in line with Kainuu tradition for more than 30 years. The cheese is made from locally produced milk which comes straight from local farms. Vaalan Juustola’s products are local food at its best!

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Viskaalin serves Geofood products made from carefully selected, local ingredients. The fertile soil of the Geopark area, the fresh climate and the clean environment, all combine with local craftsmanship to create a high quality Geofood product. Viskaalin’s Geofood products epitomise local food at its most authentic and most delicious!

The farm shop, which operates alongside Viskaalin’s beef farm and abattoir mainly sells beef, lamb and horse meat, sausages and cured meats as well as food from other local producers.

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