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Active Camping Montta

Active camping offers nature tourism in stunning Oulu River scenery just 30 km from Oulu. We are also organizing an programme services, nature services, nature activities, training, events, camping, wellbeing and recreation days and you can rent equipments for you activities from us. We are located next to the Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark. We welcome individuals and travelers as well as communities and businesses to enjoy, learn and enjoy nature.

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A'la Laitasaari

A'la Laitasaari offers sauna and meeting services in Muhos, 30 minutes from Oulu. Enjoy a gentle bath in Mutkala's sauna and get to know the interesting geological history of the valley next to it. Piilopaikka, "The Hideout", is a sauna and get-together place located in the historical settings of The Birch and the Star tale, in the middle of the woods.

Atteson Fishing

Atteson Fishing’s boats take you out on the water for a great day’s fishing. Head out for adventure in the Gulf of Bothnia outside Oulu, go on a pike and zander safari in Lake Oulujärvi, fish for trout and Arctic char in Lake Inarinjärvi or embark on an amazing trip into the Norwegian Arctic Ocean. Atteson Fishing can put together your perfect package and covers Lake Oulujärvi, the Oulujoki River, the Gulf of Bothnia, Lake Inari and the Arctic Ocean. The company uses an AMT 215 PH sport fishing boat, registered as a rental boat, and equipped with a wide range of modern fishing equipment, which is easy to move from one body of water to another. There are six customer places on board.

The owner of Atteson Fishing has always been a keen fisherman and is expert in a range of fishing techniques. Over the past two decades, he has specialised in fishing from boats and trained as a fishing guide and now offers a professional service to others. He is also looking for partners interested in coming on board to develop new sports fishing experiences.

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Are you organizing a recreation day, a bachelor party or events? Do you need a tent, a paella pan, a bouncy castle or something like outdoor dining or something else? Are you organizing a training or do you need an activity for your event or are you thinking to have an adventure trail on your yard?   

We are offering functional experiences, activities, programmes and nature services, camp school programs, functional trainings and equipment renting for individual clients as well as larger groups. We are designing and building various permanent or temporary rope trails and adventure trails and creative meeting rooms.   

Nothing is impossible! Let us know your ideas and we'll think about the implementation and make your ideas to come true!

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Hartikan Kartano

Hartikan Kartano is a manor located by River Oulujoki. Hartikan Kartano offers multiple services: accommodation, activities, catering as well as meeting and event venues.

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Los Coyotes Ranch

Los Coyotes Ranch is a Wild West village in Muhos, offering refreshment and entertainment in a peaceful spot in the middle of the countryside, a short journey away from Oulu. Los Coyotes’ main building, the Big Saloon, is a restaurant serving 50–100 people for pre-arranged events. The Big Saloon is perfect for meetings, relaxation days, weddings, hen and stag nights, Christmas parties, birthdays, etc. The company’s packages include cowboy activities and fun competitions in a Wild West setting, where it’s easy to get absorbed in the 19th century atmosphere, forget the troubles of daily life and find your inner cowboy.

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Luonnollisesti Oulujärvi

Luonnollisesti Oulujärvi Ltd is a family company offering local activity packages. Its range covers nature-themed recreation and excursions in the captivating environment of Lake Oulujärvi. Experience unforgettable Lake Oulujärvi, known as the sea of Kainuu, all year round. Finland’s fourth largest lake, Oulujärvi offers Finland’s largest open expanses of inland water, shallow sandy beaches and clean waters.

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Manamansalon Portti

Manamansalon Portti is on the stunning island of Manamansalo in the middle of Lake Oulujärvi. There are caravan pitches on the pine slopes and on the shore of Martinlahti bay. Manamansalon Portti also has a guest harbour and a village shop. And it’s right next to the beach. We rent fatbikes and canomarans, and also snowshoes in late winter.

A couple of Rokua Geopark's historical attractions, the Gneiss rock site of Kilonniemi and the Manamansalo memorial church, are located only walking distance away. Two-kilometer-long nature trail, Peurapolku, will familiarize you with the long human history of the area. Oulujärvi Hiking Area, with beautiful trails and nice hiking facilities, is located six kilometers from our place.

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Marjikko offers memorable nature experiences for all senses, in Oulujoki River Valley area. 

Examples of Marjikko-products are:

  • Themed nature excursions in all seasons
  • Guidance for local nature and culture and for the use of nature products
  • Nature-assisted services from forest and garden for different groups
  • Collecting, producing and further processing of natural products
  • The maintenance work for yard and garden

The main values of Marjikko are respecting of nature and helping people to start a lifelong relationship with Mother Nature.

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Rokua Outdoors

Activities, experiences and accommodation in Rokua Geopark area. Online equipment rental and guided activities for groups. We offer mountain biking, fishing, canoeing, SUP boarding, snowshoeing, skiing and other activities surrounded by a stunning nature.

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Vuoton Joutsen

On the middle section of the unharnessed, free-flowing Kiiminkijoki river, Vuoton Joutsen provides nature activities in the peace and quiet of the idyllic village of Yli-Vuotto. As well as the brooks at the head of the river, two lakes rich in fish, and two different types of river guarantee visitors a huge variety of experiences in the great outdoors. Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay all to yourself in the traditional buildings at Lammin Pirtti beside the Lamminkoski rapids on the Kiiminkijoki river or splash out on the more luxurious eco-cottage Villa Wuotanka on the shore of Lake Isovuotunkijärvi. The buildings and camping pitches nestle in a traditional farming landscape.

Vuoton Joutsen can provide catering by agreement for groups all year round. The summer cafe/kiosk acts as an information centre where visitors can buy fishing permits, or hire canoeing or kayaking equipment and guides to the area. There are always saunas in Finland but here they come in all shapes and sizes, with new and old-style smoke saunas, wood-fired and electric saunas, and a hot tub too. Falls, rapids, springs and marshes as well as rare plants are soon familiar sights in a landscape shaped by the Ice Age.

Vuoton Joutsen can also arrange trips to local history and ancient history sites and teach you how to use foraged produce for food, remedies and relaxation. An eco-minded approach runs through everything Vuoton Joutsen does. Ever since it was founded in 1992, the company has been providing services on the principle of sustainable development, taking the environment, local culture and an organic ethos into account.

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