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Time Travel exhibition in Koivu and Tähti Cultural Centre

The permanent Time Travel exhibition at the Muhos Koivu and Tähti Cultural Center tells the story of the birth of the landscape in the Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark area, from the first stages of bedrock development to the latest ice age, the formation of eskers and the post-glacial spread of human settlements and biota. The exhibition begins in the lobby of the cultural center with stories from the River Oulujoki Valley. On the reading room side of the library, we first delve into the birth of the River Oulujoki and the geology of the river valley, through which we go into the history of human settlement. The actual main structure is formed by a cylindrical timeline, in which the moments of birth of key landscape features are told. Inside the cylinder, you enter the present-day landscape along the Lemmenpolku nature trail by River Oulujoki. Inside the cylinder, you can also experience past landscapes with virtual glasses (VR glasses will be introduced when the epidemic situation allows). The exhibition ends with a touch screen, through which you can learn more about the places to visit and tourist services in the Rokua Geopark area. In the link you will find the opening hours of the cultural center.

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Active Camping Montta

Active camping offers nature tourism in stunning Oulu River scenery just 30 km from Oulu. We are also organizing an programme services, nature services, nature activities, training, events, camping, wellbeing and recreation days and you can rent equipments for you activities from us. We are located next to the Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark. We welcome individuals and travelers as well as communities and businesses to enjoy, learn and enjoy nature.

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A'la Laitasaari

A'la Laitasaari offers sauna and meeting services in Muhos, 30 minutes from Oulu. Enjoy a gentle bath in Mutkala's sauna and get to know the interesting geological history of the valley next to it. Piilopaikka, "The Hideout", is a sauna and get-together place located in the historical settings of The Birch and the Star tale, in the middle of the woods.


Are you organizing a recreation day, a bachelor party or events? Do you need a tent, a paella pan, a bouncy castle or something like outdoor dining or something else? Are you organizing a training or do you need an activity for your event or are you thinking to have an adventure trail on your yard?   

We are offering functional experiences, activities, programmes and nature services, camp school programs, functional trainings and equipment renting for individual clients as well as larger groups. We are designing and building various permanent or temporary rope trails and adventure trails and creative meeting rooms.   

Nothing is impossible! Let us know your ideas and we'll think about the implementation and make your ideas to come true!

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Hartikan Kartano

Hartikan Kartano is a manor located by River Oulujoki. Hartikan Kartano offers multiple services: accommodation, activities, catering as well as meeting and event venues.

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Huovisen navettasali

Huovisen Navettasali is a family business specialising in parties and events. Huovisen Navettasali can be hired as a venue with catering included – and that’s not all, they can also take care of the hairdressing, make-up and photography. Celebrate a wedding, a Christmas party, company meetings or training sessions, birthdays or any excuse for a party. Perhaps it’s the cat’s birthday – it’s all good!

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Kurttilan lomamökit

Kurttilan lomamökit offer visitors a peaceful holiday cottage for a relaxing break on the majestic shore of the beautiful Oulujoki river. The holiday cottages are set in perfect terrain for outdoor fun for all ages. All the cottages have their own sauna, kitchen, television and radio as well as beds, plates and cutlery for eight people. One of the cottages is particularly equipped for children. Each cottage has a barbecue in the grounds. On the shoreline there is a shelter and a traditional wooden lodge which guests can use as they please. There is also a lake-side sauna which can be booked for a separate fee. Holiday cottage rental includes the right to use a boat and fishing permits for the area covered by the Niska fishing cooperative. 

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Laukanranta B&B

Laukanranta B&B offers traditional Bed & Breakfast in the beautiful village of Laitasaari in Muhos. Laukanranta B&B is on the bank of the River Oulujoki close to public transport connections and just a 20-minute drive from Oulu. Spend the night in an old log house or in an idyllic wooden guest cottage with a loft.  

The top floor of the main building offers a well-equipped room with a mini-kitchen and bathroom, air conditioning and wifi. There are also four loft rooms of differing sizes in a separate building with WC and washing facilities. Canoes, a rowing boat, bicycles, etc. are also available for guest use. Fishing in the River Oulujoki is also an option.

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Leipomopalvelu Omaleipuri

Omaleipuri is a bakery and cafe located by Road 22 in Utajärvi. Omaleipuri serves GEOfood products made from carefully selected, local ingredients. Nutrients from the soil of the Geopark area, the fresh climate and the clean environment, all come together with the bakery’s craftsmanship to create a high quality GEOfood product. The bakery’s GEOfood products epitomise local food at its most authentic and most delicious.

Pop by for a coffee or a meal and explore the Geological time trail in the bakery’s grounds. And you can also buy GEOfood and other bakery products to take home or give to friends.

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Los Coyotes Ranch

Los Coyotes Ranch is a Wild West village in Muhos, offering refreshment and entertainment in a peaceful spot in the middle of the countryside, a short journey away from Oulu. Los Coyotes’ main building, the Big Saloon, is a restaurant serving 50–100 people for pre-arranged events. The Big Saloon is perfect for meetings, relaxation days, weddings, hen and stag nights, Christmas parties, birthdays, etc. The company’s packages include cowboy activities and fun competitions in a Wild West setting, where it’s easy to get absorbed in the 19th century atmosphere, forget the troubles of daily life and find your inner cowboy.

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Marjikko offers memorable nature experiences for all senses, in Oulujoki River Valley area. 

Examples of Marjikko-products are:

  • Themed nature excursions in all seasons
  • Guidance for local nature and culture and for the use of nature products
  • Nature-assisted services from forest and garden for different groups
  • Collecting, producing and further processing of natural products
  • The maintenance work for yard and garden

The main values of Marjikko are respecting of nature and helping people to start a lifelong relationship with Mother Nature.

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Merilän kartano

Set in a historic manor, Merilän Kartano is a unique restaurant and four-star hotel, which hosts events and meetings for about 270 participants and sleeps about 40 people. Merilän Kartano is located on the shore of River Oulujoki in Utajärvi, about half an hour from Oulu. The restaurant has a reputation for serving the best in local Finnish food, and the peaceful rural setting guarantees a good night’s sleep. Merilän Kartano has three saunas on the shore of the river, one of which is a traditional Finnish smoke sauna. There is a hot tub too, which needs to be booked in advance. Guests can book a range of recreational activities or just relax and admire the stunning scenery. Either way, a stay will provide memories to last a lifetime.

Merilän Kartano has four-star accommodation in modern, spacious rooms, two of which allow pets. Summer hiking trails and winter ski trails run past the door. A barbecue lodge seating 50 and a traditional shelter for ten people are also available for evening events. Welcome to Merilän Kartano!

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Muhos is 35 kilometres south-east of Oulu on the banks of the Oulujoki river and on the scenic Tervantie route. The countryside in Muhos is varied, nestling as it does between the hills of Kainuu in the northeast and the flat plains of Ostrobothnia to the southwest.

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A high standard of accommodation and dining are an essential element in Utajärvi. The spa, fitness and accommodation services of the Rokua area in the heart of the impressive esker landscape welcome travellers of all ages. In the municipality centre there are restaurants, petrol stations and cultural sites to stop off and enjoy. In Utajärvi you’ll also find activities for everyone from rural cuisine to party banquets and wilderness treks to safaris. Come and enjoy a fabulous landscape for skiing and a plethora of walking trails!

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Vuoton Joutsen

On the middle section of the unharnessed, free-flowing Kiiminkijoki river, Vuoton Joutsen provides nature activities in the peace and quiet of the idyllic village of Yli-Vuotto. As well as the brooks at the head of the river, two lakes rich in fish, and two different types of river guarantee visitors a huge variety of experiences in the great outdoors. Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay all to yourself in the traditional buildings at Lammin Pirtti beside the Lamminkoski rapids on the Kiiminkijoki river or splash out on the more luxurious eco-cottage Villa Wuotanka on the shore of Lake Isovuotunkijärvi. The buildings and camping pitches nestle in a traditional farming landscape.

Vuoton Joutsen can provide catering by agreement for groups all year round. The summer cafe/kiosk acts as an information centre where visitors can buy fishing permits, or hire canoeing or kayaking equipment and guides to the area. There are always saunas in Finland but here they come in all shapes and sizes, with new and old-style smoke saunas, wood-fired and electric saunas, and a hot tub too. Falls, rapids, springs and marshes as well as rare plants are soon familiar sights in a landscape shaped by the Ice Age.

Vuoton Joutsen can also arrange trips to local history and ancient history sites and teach you how to use foraged produce for food, remedies and relaxation. An eco-minded approach runs through everything Vuoton Joutsen does. Ever since it was founded in 1992, the company has been providing services on the principle of sustainable development, taking the environment, local culture and an organic ethos into account.

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Hydroelectric power stations on the Oulujoki River

The power stations on the Oulujoki River were mainly designed by Aarne Ervi. Aarne Ervi designed not only the main power station buildings, the dams and the power transfer equipment but also the offices, and residential areas and service buildings, whole communities that rose up amid the untouched forests. The power stations and the residential architecture Ervi designed continue the principles of functionalism. Find out more about Aarne Ervi’s architecture here.

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Isterinkoski rapids

Isterinkoski rapids are in the Poikajoki river, which falls from metamorphic greywacke two billion years old to a hollow almost equally old, filled with shale. The drop is approximately 30 metres.

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Kivipuisto information centre is located in a woodshed next to the Geological Time Trail (Kivipuisto) attraction. It shares information about nature, culture and tourism services as well as about interesting attractions and hiking trails in River Oulujoki Valley, Rokua and Lake Oulujärvi areas. A restaurant, cafeteria, gas station and market are located in vicinity.


Laitasaari information point shares knowledge about nature, culture and tourism services as well as interesting attractions and hiking trails in River Oulujoki Valley between Laitasaari and Leppiniemi villages. The information point is located on the edge of parking area of Laitasaari Seurojentalo (Society house). It consists of two information boards. The link leads to the webpage of the Society house (only in Finnish).

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Lamminahon talo

This collection of buildings in Vaala is an exceptionally well-preserved example of historic buildings on the banks of the Oulujoki river. There are a total of 20 buildings here in all, containing valuable details of popular construction techniques. The buildings and the items they contain date from the eighteenth century.

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About two kilometres long, Lemmenpolku, whose name means “lovers’ path”, runs along the northern bank of the Oulujoki river on top of the granite rock. The path showcases the natural and cultural history of the Oulujoki river from the ancient landmass to its use in transporting tar and the advent of hydroelectric power. One of the most amazing sights along the way is the conglomerate rock in Kieksi. It is the oldest part of the Muhos formation, petrified gravel only visible at this precise point. The exposed rock is a protected site. Walkers can start the Lemmenpolku trail either from Pyhäkoski power station or Montta Active Camping.

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Liimanninkoski nature trail

The Liimanninkoski nature trail takes you from the light-filled sloping meadows of the Muhosjoki river through dense spruce groves and lush broad-leaved woodland to Liimanninkoski rapids foaming at the bottom of the valley. Over thousands of years, the river has carved its way deeper and deeper into the sandy soil. In places the river has created a rocky river bed and beautiful granite stone steps, over which the rush of water bubbles and falls. Soft soils have caused the river’s drastic curves, or meanders, which make the river valley such a varied walk. The favourable conditions it provides make the river valley home to a wide variety of flourishing plant life and plenty of wildlife too. Liimanninkoski is a nationally protected area of broadleaf woodland. 

The Liimanninkoski nature trail starts at the car park by Suonkyläntie, which is signposted from the main road Valtatie 22. There is a shelter next to the nature trail right by the rapids, an ideal spot to stop for a breather, gaze at the foaming water and even make a campfire. The parking area nearby also has groups of tables undercover for a sit down and a picnic.

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Muhos chruch

Muhos, Utajärvi and Säräisniemi churches are important representative examples of wooden church architecture. Muhos church is the oldest wooden church in Finland in year-round use, being built in 1634.

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Torimakasiini information point is located in the second floor of Utajärvi Torimakasiini (Market Warehouse). It shares information about Rokua Geopark and UNESCO Global Geoparks. In the first floor can be found an exhibition on cultural history of Utajärvi area. In the market area there is a free WiFi available.

Utajärvi church

Utajärvi, Muhos and Säräisniemi churches are important representative examples of wooden church architecture.

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Utajärvi geological time trail

Geological time trail in Utajärvi takes you on a journey through time through the history of Finland’s bedrock. The first rock in the park’s time trail is Siurua gneiss 3.5 million years old. It is also the oldest known rock in the European Union.

Next to the Geological time trail there is an information point located in a woodshed. It shares information about nature, culture and tourism services as well as about interesting attractions and hiking trails in River Oulujoki Valley, Rokua and Lake Oulujärvi areas. A restaurant, cafeteria, gas station and market are located in vicinity.

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Ice Age

In the maximum phase of the last Ice Age ca. 18,000 years ago, Pyhäkoski region was covered by a 2,6-kilometres thick continental ice sheet. The mass of the ice sheet depressed the earth crust. In this time window you are located on top of the thick ice sheet.

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Present day

One of the seven hydropower plants along the River Oulujoki is located in Leppiniemi. The power plants and residential areas designed by architect Aarne Ervi are now nationally valuable cultural history sites. However, they have strongly changed the landscape and ecosystem of the river. In this time window, you are on the dam bridge of the Pyhäkoski power plant.

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Settlement following the river mouth

The stone-age inhabitants followed the moving river mouth. In Leppiniemi, an abundant stone-age settlement was developed on both sides of the River Oulujoki. Because of warm climate, the vegetation was lush. In this time window, you can explore the stone-age dwelling place by the river mouth 5,600 years ago.

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Shallow sea and a river delta

In the Muhos region, a block of bedrock started to sink and became a shallow sea bay ca. 1,300 million years ago. Gravel, sand and clay transported by ancient rivers were deposited in the bay. The deposits have crystallised to sediment rocks of Muhos formation, like the conglomerate outcrop of Kieksi. In this time window, you are located on the cost of the sea bay by the river mouth in a landscape 1,000 million years ago.

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The free River Oulujoki

Pyhäkoski Rapids was the biggest rapid in Finland before hydropower construction. The Leppiniemi hanging bridge and tourist lodge (1934) opened up views of the free-flowing Pyhäkoski. In this time window you can move on a brand-new hanging bridge over the River Oulujoki.

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