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For schools and colleges

Rokua Geopark is a natural classroom! Exploring natural phenomena takes students on a true journey of discovery in the natural world of the far north.


For schools and colleges

Rokua Geopark values and encourages environmentally, socially and financially sustainable approaches, guaranteeing schools and colleges a safe and healthy learning environment in which students can grow. Rokua Geopark’s theme is the Ice Age and the unique geological tradition it has left behind. This combines the stories of the development of the unique bedrock and the organic natural phenomena and the spread of human settlement in the area in the wake of the Ice Age.

Rokua Geopark offers a wealth of opportunities for teaching and early years education. Ready-made teaching material is available on the Rokua Geopark area for the classroom and for outdoor teaching on nature and the environment. The links on these pages also provide plenty of material to help in lesson planning.​​​​​​​

Rokua Geopark has put together instructions and criteria to enable education institutions to apply to become a Rokua Geopark school or college, gaining the right to use the Rokua Geopark logo. Using the name and the logo expresses the values of the school or college and depicts the aims that the teaching intends to attain.

​​​​​​​Rewarding discoveries in the wilds of the north!


Mikko Kiuttu
Rokua Geopark, Project Manager
e-mail: mikko.kiuttu(at)

Riitta Nykänen
Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland
e-mail: riitta.nykanen(at)