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Rokua Health & Spa

Maximize your well-being

At the heart of Rokua Geopark is located the most diverse well-being and spa hotel named Rokua health & spa. It has 333 beds, restaurant with 500 seats, several conference rooms of different sizes for 10-400 persons, excellent settings for inside and outdoor activities, for kids it has Hertta's World, well equipped spa, the greatest comfort center of the Northern Finland, modern and popular gym, Health testing lab etc. We carry out our services with high quality in diverse and appropriate facilities. Our Rokua Geopark guides are experienced group leaders who can lead even big groups to get familiar with the unique nature of Rokua.

For vacationers there is comfortable lodging and great food. In the spa you can enjoy hot sauna and massaging whirlpools. Also available are brisk activities and soothing relaxation. The customers are also treated by completely renewed, the real nature lagoon Rokua Spa's high quality and professional refreshment-, beauty- and indulgence services.

On order professionals will carry out, e.g. work well being services with conferences and resting days, variety of activities: sport, Husky-safaris, snowmobile safaris, dining in the nature, guided hikes, cross country skiing school for kids and adults, maintenace services for skis and swimming schools for different groups.

The hotel and its environment offers excellent setting to organize many different kinds of small and big events and conferences. Alongside with the event you can enjoy a variety of guided excersice- and experience services that are available at all times of the year. We have also available husky safaris, fishing- and paddling trips.

Rokua health & spa accepts Smartum culture- and exercise bills.

You can find out more information order all our services straight from our own reservation services or

tel. +358 20 7819 200. We also handle services offered by programme providers of Rokua area.