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Hotels nearby Rokua Geopark area are e.g. Rokua health & spa, Rokuanhovi at Rokua and Suopursu at Muhos
Each hotel has their own identity. The biggest hotel in the area, Rokua health & spa is diverse wellbeing center that can accomodate big groups or single travellers. It also has family rooms. Rokuanhovi is a small hotel made out of logs in the wilderness. And small Suopursu is located at Muhos in the middle of countryside.


For other lodging possibilties can be found in the form of cabins and camping and tenting sites. Camping sites are Montta Active Camping at Muhos and at Manamansalo there are Kultahiekat and Oulunjärvi camping site. Besides camping sites it's possible to tent in Rokua national park by the shore of Pitkäjärvi-lake. Lodging for single travellers or groups can also be inquired from Traveller center Suppa. Ruununtörmä located at Säräisniemi combines popular caravan area and cabin lodging.


Summer camp of Evangelical lutheran congregation of Oulu and OYMCA summer camp at Rokua are popular amongst groups.